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Our values

Clothing that is respectfully made minds the planet and the people. We are committed to being respectful at all levels, from ecological materials to fair working conditions in factories.

Our garments are made in China by a pool of sustainable factories that comply with the highest international working standards. The factories are audited by world-leading inspection, verification and certification companies.


Sustainability is a holistic concept that encompasses everything we do at XD Apparel. It’s hardwired into our DNA. From start to finish, our focus is on clean design, clean manufacturing, and ultimately, clean end of life.


We are all responsible for the future of our planet. XD Apparel is well aware that business as usual is no longer possible. This is why we are taking action now: reducing toxic chemistry, encouraging recycling, supporting fair working conditions, and exploring all the ways in which we can play a role in inspiring change.


We work closely with our suppliers to develop fabrics and components that help reduce waste. Our recycled polyester fabrics are made from post-consumer beverage bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills or be burnt.


bluesign® is widely considered the best-practice approach in performance apparel. The highly specialized audit company ensures that every stage of the manufacturing process complies with its strict environmental and performance standards. There is no room for compromise.

The certification process requires that all component and ingredient suppliers, including dyes, convert their internal processes to bluesign® standards. The effort is definitely worth it, for everyone involved – suppliers, customers, and the environment.

We are proud to be a part of the drive to make the world a better place by respecting the demanding standards set down by world-leading certification organizations. We stand by these principles and hope you do too.


    Achieving maximum quality and added value using minimum resources and with the least possible environmental impact.
    Consumer safety means not only that the textiles need to be of high quality and without health risks, but also the assurance that all the principles of sustainability are applied during the production process.
    Air emissions need to comply with strictly controlled limits along the entire production chain. Using low emission components and optimizing energy use reduces the overall CO2 load.
    Water emission control aims to release purified water back into the natural cycle, causing the least possible pollution of rivers, lakes and seas. This is achieved by using ecologically harmless components and by optimizing production and wastewater treatment processes.
    This involves the health and safety of employees in the textile industry. It means that weak points that might exist locally can be detected and improved in line with regulations.


XD Apparel jackets are made in polyester recycled from post-consumer beverage bottles, which contributes to reducing waste. Recycled polyester is considered one of the most sustainable fibers available, rating well even against organic cotton.

A recent Life Cycle Analysis comparing recycled polyester with standard polyester concluded that the recycled fiber has a lighter carbon footprint because it requires less energy to produce (40-85% less), thereby reducing its impact on global warming potential (GWP) by 25-75%. The study also found that mechanically recycled polyester, the fiber XD Apparel uses, has a better environmental profile than chemically recycled polyester.

We are, however, dependent on availability and progress in both recycling processes and textile technologies, which means that the fabrics XD Apparel now uses are made in 100% recycled polyester when possible and in a blend of 50% recycled polyester with 50% virgin polyester, when no other option is satisfactory.

Our suppliers are working to increase the recycled content without sacrificing quality. Each fabric is chosen to offer the best combination of performance, durability, wearer comfort and environmental impact. We work with suppliers that share our values and strive to reduce the environmental footprint of their products and business, these include leading maker of fastening solutions YKK and global thermal insulation manufacturer Thermore®.

Who we are

XD Apparel is a sustainable premium performance outerwear brand that strives to have the lightest environmental footprint. We design every product with one clear idea in mind: limit our impact on nature by reducing waste, energy and water use, and to work with suppliers and manufacturers that share our vision and respect the highest environmental and social standards. Guaranteed, and certified, by bluesign® and third party auditors.

XD Apparel takes great care to design garments that fit well and look good so that users will feel the difference. We have developed tailored cuts that offer clean aesthetics and high protection from foul weather so that users can enjoy them for a wide variety of uses and climate conditions. Our dedication to details, finishing and special features is how we believe we make products that are a cut above the market standards.

Last, but not least, by far, we work with fabric and component suppliers on the cutting edge of sustainability who have developed recycled materials and trimmings that perform, feel and look as well as or better than conventionally made products.

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